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Stop eating plant food; you're not a plant!

Stop Eating Plant Food! You are not a plant

You have been lied to. You have been deceived. You have been told that the supplements you need to take will replace that which is missing in our diets. You have been told to eat plant food, not food that was designed for humans.

Why the need for supplementation at all? Can't you just improve our diets?

Supplementation is not a luxury, but a necessity. Research has shown that our foods are highly depleted from the levels of nutrients they once were. Selenium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and all other minerals/vitamins have been shown to have been greatly depleted when analyzing food samples back in the 1940's to the current levels at which they are now. Some minerals have depleted more than 90% from the levels in the 1940's. Environmental factors such as acid rain are killing the life activity within the soil. Many will study the composition of the soil, and claim the soils have adequate amounts of minerals; however, what is not being studied is the life activity within the soil. There are trillions of micro-organisms within the soil that break down the soil, delivering nutrients to the roots of the plants. The end result is vegetation that is naturally enriched during growth with these vital minerals. Because our life within the soil is dying, the end result now is heavily depleted foods.

The answer then became supplementation. Researchers figured that since the end result vegetation was lacking, that you would simply skip the middle man, and mine the minerals out of the soil. The problem that then exists is that these ground minerals are lifeless, and bonded to undesirable rock components that our stomachs cannot break down as effectively as that which occurs in the soil. Yes, there is Calcium in the Calcium Carbonate in the soil and yes, there is Magnesium in the Magnesium Sulfate found within the soil. However, these secondary words, the carbonates, the sulfates, the phosphates bound to these minerals leave these minerals unattainable throughout our digestion. You are ingesting the food that our plants receive their nutrients from. But again, you are not a plant.

When these nutrients are broken down in the soil, the plant receives only the Calcium out of the calcium carbonate, leaving behind the undesirable carbonate, or phosphate, or sulfate, etc. And the plants welcome these minerals, and bind them with branched-chain amino acids, or proteins. Each mineral has a unique protein structure; a unique system that upon our digestion, will guide these minerals to the appropriate destinations within our bodies. Without these proteins, or branched-chain amino acids, rock minerals are directionless upon digestion, and do not have the appropriate means to find and/or enter our bodies cells. They lack the keys, or protein carriers necessary for proper assimilation within our bodies.

You've heard the expression, “you are what you eat.” So how does this then apply if you eat the “plant food” mineral salts? Well, since what you've just ingested is an incomplete food structure, isolated away from how it would be found within our foods, this leaves our bodies incomplete. “You are what you eat.”

For example, Calcium in our food is phosphorylated, meaning it is bound to phosphorous, carried by proteins. When you simply ingest calcium carbonate, the body recognizes that there is calcium present within the gut, but sees a problem that the calcium is not phosphorylated, so it will attempt to make complete what is incomplete within our gut. Our body will liberate its own phosphorous, to attempt to attach to the calcium that is incomplete. In doing so, by taking an incomplete form of calcium as calcium carbonate, our body has just been depleted of phosphorous either from our teeth, our bones, or our heart.

It is no wonder that we, as Americans, whom have among the highest rate of calcium supplement consumption, have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease. How does this make sense? Shouldn't we have the healthiest bones if you are supplementing at such high rates? We should; however, we are not taking food minerals as supplements, we are taking or ingesting rocks or synthetic chemicals under the guise of taking healthy supplements. You are eating plant food.

This is where my mission comes in, trying to provide education as to the dangers of eating plant food and straying away from the food sources you we’re given to ingest upon this earth. This is why I advocate a wholefood diet, not incomplete food or incomplete supplements.

If you are what you eat, let's remember to eat complete foods. You are a human, not a plant.

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