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Be sure to include a Full postal address when sending a letter to your body

The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, wholefood is greater than the sum of its isolated parts, especially if you are only adding one part...

If you wanted to send a letter in the mail, you would be sure to include a full postal address including: the full name of the recipient, the street address, apt #/suite # if applicable, the city, the state, the postal zip code, and finally you would include a stamp or sufficient postage. You would then bring your letter to the post office or your mailbox. At that point, you would be confident that you did all you needed to do in order for your intended letter to be delivered to the recipient. What you do not witness is how that letter arrives to the ultimate destination, the recipient. Your letter would be collected, sorted, distributed to the appropriate postal carrier where it would be sent to transit. Traveling through the air, land and/or sea, your letter would arrive at a distribution postal location, where your letter would then be re-sorted, distributed to another postal carrier, where that carrier would bring your letter to its final destination which is the intended recipient of your letter.

It is quite a detailed process that relies on specific data inputed for proper delivery. If you were to incorrectly display any of the necessary information, your letter would have a difficult time in being delivered to the appropriate recipient. If you left out any of the information or postage, again, your letter may never arrive to the intended recipient. If John, who resides in Minnesota, sent a letter to his friend Susan in Europe, he must include all of the important delivery specifications. He would need to add the appropriate address and sufficient postage for that letter to end up in Susan's possession.

What if John simply put his letter in the mailbox, without any postage, without an address, city, state, country, or zip code? What if John simply wrote: “To Susan in Europe”, without any postage? What if John simply wrote: “To Susan in England” and also included a few stamps sufficient for postage costs?

Do you think that letter would ever find Susan? Of course not!

Well, there is a reason I share this scenario, as it relates to our diet and how our body receives nutrients.

In 1999, Gunter Blobel, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for discovering a very important relationship that exists between our bodies and our food. He had discovered that there are “protein chaperones that govern the transport to and localization within the cell.”1 In simpler terms, what he discovered was that there is a coding system, similar to our postal system, that governs the transport of nutrients within our body.

When you look at a piece of food, such as a potato, we are unable to see the life system and coding within the potato. The potato is loaded with proteins, branched-chain amino acids, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals and several other food components. Within that potato, there is a food matrix, where each nutrient is interwoven like the fibers of a sweater. One cannot look at a potato and point out where the calcium is, or where the magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin C and so on are. Upon break-down analysis, we can discover that all of these components are present. Within food, each vitamin and mineral is protein bound, attached to its own individual set of branched-chain amino acids at varying ratios.

Now, picture this potato as the letter John was attempting to send to Susan in Europe. Here's how the analogy would play out. The Potato would be the envelope, inside the potato would be the letter, or bits of information looking to be delivered, such as the nutrients. Each one of those nutrients has its own postal delivery address, or encoded proteins. The proteins would be likened to the postal carrier that delivers the letter and contents within that letter to the appropriate destination. Upon digestion, as the potato is broken down, our body is able to differentiate exactly what is within that potato, and is able to sort the appropriate minerals, vitamins, which are all protein bound.

The body sends and receives signals to the gut, “Magnesium is needed for the heart”, “Vitamin C is needed for the immune system” and so on. Our stomach and gut works as a distribution center, sending nutrients off to their appropriate destinations, only after reading the coded proteins within that potato that are attached to each individual nutrient. These protein signals are read by the body, distributed by the body, and the proteins are responsible for delivery to the appropriate destination within the body, and most importantly these proteins have the necessary “keys” to gain entrance into the cells to deliver the appropriate nutrients required.

Here we find an amazing, complex system of how our bodies receive nutrients from the foods that we ingest. In realizing that our foods are severely depleted in important nutrients, it is evident that supplementation is not only important, but necessary in order to sustain a healthy body. However, not all supplements are capable of performing this encoded task to deliver nutrients within the body to their appropriate destinations.

There are different forms of supplements, 3 different forms that are offered. These 3 varying types of supplements are: Isolated supplements, chelated supplements, and wholefood supplements.

If you look first at the best and only suitable option, wholefood nutrient supplements, taking into account the analogy of the postal letter system, you will discover that the full system is available for proper delivery. There is a term that describes these important food components. We refer to them as Carrier Food Factors (CFF), which are the protein chaperones, or branched-chain amino acids. Upon digestion of proper wholefood supplements, the body is able to process the coding contained within these supplements. These supplements are highly concentrated foods, containing all of the necessary Carrier Food Factors. This form of supplement has the full postal code, street address, recipient name, and proper postage. Being protein bound, upon digestion, the body is able to read the coding, and able to then properly allocate the nutrient to the proper destinations within the body, and within the cells for proper delivery.

Now, let's look at isolated supplements, and why they fail miserably. Isolated supplements are void of any Carrier Food Factors, without proteins, without branched-chain amino acids, and every other food component, without any coding at all. Ingesting isolated mineral salts, or synthetic isolated vitamins, would be the equivalent of John simply putting a letter in a mailbox with only the words: “Susan in Europe.” Sure, John intends for his letter to be properly delivered, and he walks away from the mailbox assuming his letter will be delivered. The postal carrier would then arrive to John's mail-box, find the ill-addressed letter, and probably stamp it with “Insufficient postage and undeliverable address.” Without a proper return address as well, the letter may never be brought to John's attention that it was not delivered, until Susan would contact him wondering where the letter was.

Due to the fact that researchers understand just how poorly isolated nutrients are absorbed, and rarely delivered or utilized, many simply remedy this situation by suggesting to Mega-dose. “If Susan didn't receive the letter, we need to put more letters in the mailbox...” What if John puts 1,000 letters in his mailbox, all with the simple words of “Susan in Europe”? Surely one of those letters would find their way to Susan, correct? What if he put a million letters in the mail, or a Billion? I think we can understand the failed idea of mega-dosing a supplement that is void of any Carrier Food Factors.

In an attempt to rectify this poor utilization factor with isolated supplements, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have attempted to create a supplement that closer resembles food. In realizing the importance of branched-chain amino acids, protein chaperones, they have taken the isolated mineral salt, and have chemically bonded it to a single isolated amino acid. These supplements are referred to as amino acid chelates. It is a very small step in the right direction, but still severely lacking as nutrients in food are bound to a full strand of branched-chain amino acids, not a single one. This form of supplement would be the same as John including on his letter, “Susan in England”, still void of any postage. Sure, he has narrowed down England from Europe, but the letter would still never find its recipient.

Without the proper coding or protein chaperones, these isolated and chelated supplements simply are code-less and direction-less. There is no information present for the body to decode, no transporter (protein chaperones) to deliver the nutrients to and within the cells.

This is exactly why wholefood nutrients are not only better absorbed, but they are longer retained, properly assimilated within the body, and most importantly better utilized by the body. Because of the proper Carrier Food Factors (CFF) present within wholefood nutrients, our bodies can properly utilize them. This is why there is no fair comparision or conversion between wholefood nutrients and other forms. This is why a 30mg tablet of Magnesium in organic wholefood form, will deliver far more utilizable Magnesium to and for the body to use than when compared to 400mg or even 1,000 mg of an isolated mineral salt of Magnesium such as Magnesium Chloride. This is also true with amino acid chelates such as Magnesium glycinate, magnesium threonate, Magnesium Malate, and every other form of non-food, incomplete supplement.

This is true with every supplemented nutrient, vitamins and minerals. There is an encoded system within our food, and our bodies have the ability to decode and properly utilize wholefood nutrients, but are at an extreme loss resulting in confusion when we attempt to ingest incomplete supplements.

We are what we eat; so, if we eat supplements in an incomplete form, this will only leave our bodies incomplete as well.


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