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Wholefood... the Truth Beyond the Deception

100 years ago, the term “wholefood” did not even exist, as all food was wholefood.

So, what exactly is meant by the term wholefood, and how did I become a Wholefood Specialist? To understand what exactly is meant by wholefood, let's first look at what the opposite would be. The opposite of wholefood would be “partial food”, or “isolated food”. In 1937, Albert Szvent Gyorgii received the Nobel Prize for isolating and discovering Vitamin C 1. In his discovery, however, he noted that the more he refined the starting material (red paprika), the less active it became. The final result, ascorbic acid, was what was left over. Ascorbic acid is basically the skeleton or wrapping that covers the Vitamin C complex. It would make sense that this “skeleton” was all that remained upon the last stages of breaking down the initial red paprika plant. Albert Szvent Gyorgii , upon his discovery, patented his newfound isolation process.

Albert Szvent Gyorgii then sold his patent to the pharmaceutical companies, who then began what is now commonly referred to as the supplement industry.

However, a huge issue arose; as Albert Szvent Gyorgii noted: the final isolated substance did not perform the same task of the actual Vitamin C as when it was integrated with its whole food structure. Inside the plant cells, there are: proteins, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, enzymes, lipids, para-vitamins, etc. All of these components when bound together is what we refer to as, “Wholefood”, as is found in nature. The wholefood movement is akin to the Organic, non-GMO movement. It is our desire to have unadulterated food with all of its nutrient co-factors, where they work best together as a “wholefood” team within our bodies.

Proteins in food structures act as taxi drivers that deliver the desired nutrients to and within the cells of our bodies. The intrinsic signals can be likened to a GPS navigational system. Upon ingestion of food, our body recognizes the composition of the foods being broke down, and relays signals such as: “Hey, the liver needs Vitamin E” or, “Hey, the bones need more Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K.” Through our or stomach/gut, or “distribution warehouse”, the body can then relay the signals to the proteins, which then begin their active transport to the appropriate destinations. Without these signals, ingested nutrients would be “lost”, without proper direction upon where to go in the body.

It is this understanding of how our nutrition and body interacts that presents the need for actual wholefood nutrition. You see, after the isolation and discovery of ascorbic acid, which is commonly mistakenly referred to as Vitamin C, then began the isolation and synthetic reproduction of other various vitamins and minerals in supplemental form.

If these isolations were effective, this conversation would be fruitless, as the desired effect that was searched for would have then been found. Conversely, the exact opposite is true. These days, more and more of these isolated “supplements” are being taken on a regular basis, and has our health improved? As Americans, we take collectively more supplements than any other country, and yet, our health does not reflect the same3. Such reports have also shown that Americans who take supplements have a higher morbidity rate than those who don't4. The simple answer: Americans are taking supplements in a “non wholefood” form; i.e. pharmaceutical grade chemical nutrients, void of protein chaperones which offer correct delivery instructions through their intrinsic signals.

This is why I am a wholefood advocate, whom specializes in the utilization of wholefood supplements. Re-Natured(R) wholefood supplements have been proven and demonstrated in several peer-reviewed studies that they are in fact, better absorbed, retained, and most importantly utilized.

In fact, there was even a court case that settled out of court with the ruling that these said claims are in fact true5. I can boldly proclaim the truth that wholefood supplements are in fact, better than isolated pharmaceutical nutrients. These Re-Natured(R) supplements are in fact delivering what you think you are receiving when you take isolated “supplements”.

A brief explanation as to how the supplemental choices are different can be found in the composition of the supplements:6

Vitamin C- Re-Natured(R) wholefod Vitamin C is manufactured using organic wholefood concentrates of citrus fruit. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation for ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) is processed from hydrogenated corn sugar (usually GMO) and is then processed with acetone (nail polish remover)

Vitamin B-6- Re-Natured(R) Vitamin B-6 is manufactured either through a non-dairy probiotic or through nutritional yeast. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation is produced using cobalamins reacted with Formaldehyde.

Vitamin B-12- Re-Natured(R) Vitamin B-12 is manufactured either through a non-dairy probiotic or through nutritional yeast. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation is synthetically produced reacting cobalamins with HCL (hydrochloric acid) and is then processed with Cyanide.

These are just a few that I find to be the most offensive, but all across the board the differences in starting materials is staggering. For more in our current list, please visit: (pages 3 through 9)

Upon reading through the supplemental differences in manufacturing, coupled with the knowledge and scientific evidence that wholefood supplements are in fact better, it is clear to understand : wholefood supplementation is not only advantageous, but a necessity!






About me: My name is Jason Derkevics, owner of Grown By Nature

I am an advocate for Wholefood nutrition as I have reviewed enough scientific literature to understand there is a true difference in supplemental offerings. You either have the choice of pharmaceutical grade chemical supplements with adverse reactions, and little to no benefit; or, you can choose wholefood supplements that have been proven time and again that they are in fact better absorbed, retained and utilized.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please direct any questions to my personal email address: God bless!

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