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Hey, is this thing on?

“Hey, is this thing on?”

It most certainly is on. The Problem that exists is that not everyone will tune in to the station we broadcast from, the truth. With every action, there is a motive. There is a motive as to why I am starting this blog. There is a need for this blog. I am simply aiming to fill the need. I feel this is my purpose in life, sharing with you what I have learned to be true.

“The need that truly exists is knowledge; but the thirst for knowledge is only truly quenched when drinking from the cup of truth.”

Bias aside, we are all here, with involvement to the same laws, the same regulations set for everyone. However, there is a balance. “We the people” tends to describe a division line in reality. There are those that make the laws, and then there are those who are forced to live by them. Motive- what is the true motive for the laws set in place?

Throughout this series of blogs, I will question the motive, and where applicable, will describe and provide mine.

Life Motive- My motive for such action is merely an attempt to fulfill what I believe is my purpose in life. The label I have come to assign is “Re-educator to the educators and mis-educated on supplements”. I’ve spent hours on the phone, on single phone calls, with many customers. In response to their gratitude and “Thanks” I often reply, “and please do call or send an email should you ever have any further questions as it is never a burden on my time, as this is my passion.”

In my line of work, I am positioned to re-educate many educators with what I believe to be a correction to the “mis-information” they were presented with, or lack there-of altogether. For many, it is the lifting of the fog.

I can describe the lifting of the fog as I have lived it. Throughout my life, I was under the assumption that “health” supplements were designed to support my health. I took 2 “one-a-day” supplements because I wanted to be healthier than what “was recommended” for the average person. I loved sports, I’m an athlete. I needed more vitamins and minerals than the next guy. My sport motto was “I don’t compete, I win.” In my moment of clarity, it was revealed to me that what I was taking was not really designed to bring me to good “health”, but in reality aimed towards leading me quicker to a good “health care” provider.

Once the initial fog clears, pieces of the puzzle you never knew existed start showing up in your life. Question of Motive that will arise: “What then is the true intention behind pharmaceutical supplements?” When I learned there were only a handful of pharmaceutical companies that provide the same bulk chemical ingredient to thousands and thousands of companies, the fog continued to lift. “Wait, so Centrum does not have a separate formula than 1-A-Day or Flintstones Vitamins?”

The answer was: “Yes, they did have separate formulas, based on mixing and matching of ratios, but essentially they are the same chemical ingredients used in over 99% of the brands on the market when crediting their source of “minerals” and “vitamins”.

If they were truly “health” supplements, that would be fine.

Yet, when you consider the use of: formaldehyde, arsenic, HCL, Cyanide, …… (the list goes on: ). And when you consider the reports recently demonstrating studies conducted and finding that there is a higher mortality rate in people consuming “health” supplements, again I ask, or beckon the need for truth. What is the true Motive?


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